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“You will always find an answer in the sound of water.”     Chuang-Tse

Water can be transparent or murky, cold or warm, can bring tragedy or joy.

This morning, as I listened to the rhythmic jerk of the sprinkler’s water spray, I was transported back in time when my girlfriends and I giggled running through sprinklers to escape the heat.

I considered other sounds of water that evoke memories for me:

  • Ocean waves building strength and momentum before crashing to the shore, smoothing out sandcastles, and burying our feet deeper in the sand as the water receded.
  • The splat as water balloons hit their marks – whether human targets or the sidewalk from the top of building.
  • Cannonballs into swimming pools trying to make the biggest splash. Ever.
  • “Marco!” “Polo!”
  • The quiet lapping of water on the lakeshore, subtly and gently massing the soul.
  • Jostling and clinking of ice cubes in a summer beverage invited relief to parched throats.

Rafting. Kayaking. Waterfalls. Fountains. Creeks. Squirt guns.

What memories do the sounds of water conjure up for you?

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