Hi.  I’m Julie Parker.  I’m a personal historian in Northern California.

Julie Parker

After several years of working in the legal arena, I was in serious burn-out mode and contemplating what new career I could pursue.

Meanwhile, my grandfather died.  He was the youngest of eight kids, and I realized that when the next generation started leaving the planet, the stories would leave with them.   So, I spent a year interviewing over 45 relatives regarding their memories of my grandfather, his seven siblings and their parents, scanned every single photograph and document and created a book.  I provided a copy to each “clan,” who excitedly showed it to all of their friends, who began calling me indicating they wanted me to do the same for their families.  Clearly, the universe was giving me a wink-wink-nudge-nudge into my next career.

I believe that everyone is interesting, everyone has a story, and everyone should be remembered.  I am truly interested in the stories, and as a personal historian/biographer, I am able to produce a loving biographical portrait showcasing an individual’s uniqueness.

I oversee family history projects and community projects.  I write newspaper articles about birthday and anniversary milestones, and half-page obituaries.  I interview people you love about their life stories, so the future will know why you love them.

I approach each project with respect and integrity.  I’m excellent at what I do, because I actually care about the quality of my work.  The future is listening.

Because I enjoy stories so much, I also host a weekly podcast,  Conversation Accessories – “Happy hour talk for both sides of the brain.”

(916) 467-4218 /    julie@youareaclassic.com