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A recent local news item caught my attention – an all-girl Catholic high school is on the verge of closing down due to low enrollment numbers. 

A memory from 1974 suddenly popped up, when streaking was all the rage; on Oscar night, someone had streaked across the stage and Ray Stevens had a hit single. 

That year, a bunch of  jocks from my high school decided they would streak this particular all-girl Catholic high school.  Since my boyfriend was joining the prank, I went along for the ride.  As luck would have it, there was an assembly, so the entire student body was in the gymnasium. The guys stripped, and began running around the room, and up-and-down the aisles. 

My high school was predominantly comprised of a blindingly white student body.  So, when one of our fellow students – a dark-skinned Hispanic fellow – put on a ski mask to hide his identity, the irony was not lost on me.  He ran back-and-forth across the stage, intermittently slipping into various dance routines, while a nun frantically spread her habit trying to block him from view.

The next day, my boyfriend told me that a girl had stolen his wallet, and wouldn’t return his license to him unless he went out with her.  He wasn’t interested, so he asked me to accompany him to the DMV and forge his mother’s signature so he could apply for a new license.  Yes, I did.  The curse of the teenage crush.

What are your streaking memories?

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