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Genealogy is all the rage right now, providing individuals with a sense of identity; a connection to people whose lives may seem more interesting than their own, and offer bragging rights.  “I’m related to ….” 

A cousin’s research into one side of our family revealed a Swedish Duke who was banned from his kingdom.  We’re very proud. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could to speak to one of your ancestors and ask him/her what life was like or why certain decisions were made? 

Well, if you don’t record your life story, that’s what your descendants will be asking.  Your great-great-great-grandchildren will have no idea who you are.  Your favorite grandfather or aunt will be relegated to city and county records.  Their life experiences will be forgotten.  Their personality traits, the reasons you love him or her will never be known. 

You are interesting.  Somone you love is interesting.  Write, type or tell someone your stories. 

The future is listening.

You Are A Classic

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