“Who are those people and why do we have photographs of them?”


That’s the question your grandchildren will be asking, unless you go through your stack of photo albums, plus those photos you have stuffed into shoe boxes, and write the identities of each person in each photo.


It can be stress-free.  I promise.


Here’s how it works:


Invite as many family members as you can for a Photo ID Party.  If someone in the family owns a laptop, ask him/her to bring it to the party.





  • White ink or gel pens for the old photo albums with black pages can be purchased at most camera or craft stores


  • A few small boxes; write a decade on each one (pre-1940, 1940s, 1950s, etc.) 


  • Photo albums (for those loose photos)


  • CD’s, records, or oldies radio station on stand-by for a fun, stimulating background





Before the party, stack the photo albums on a table, and set out the marked boxes, side-by-side.  Then, grab a handful of loose photos, and toss each one into the appropriate “decade” box.


  • When your guests arrive, assign who will go through the albums and who will go through the boxes of photos, and write who is in each photo.  Also, if the location of where the photo was taken is known, have that written down as well.


  • If someone isn’t sure who an individual is in a picture, they can ask you. Otherwise, sit back and let them do the work, periodically making sure they have something to eat and drink.


  • The person with the lap top can type up any memories that come up when going through the photos.


  • The younger relatives can now put the loose photos in the recently purchased albums, in chronological order.

 What’s the funniest photograph in your collection?


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